yellow grass

I suppose cliches happen for a reason.

Like they are relateable.  Like they happen time and time again.

So here I am being predictable and cliche, writing about grass being green. Usually when it is on the other side.


Once it is gone, I miss it. For years, it was watching over my shoulder…pushing me to pull me closer. And I resented it. I was fearful of it. I repeatedly held back, pushing it away. And now, all I want in the world is to hold it so tight and never let it go.

And now that it is gone I miss it. I only appreciate it now that it is gone. What a damn cliche.

“The reason that clichés become clichés is that they are the hammers and screwdrivers in the toolbox of communication.”

Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

100 Things That Make Me Happy Part 4

#31. Drawing

#32. Hearing the sound of the ocean at the beach

I just really love the ocean. I love being near it, I love watching it, I love listening to it.

#33.  Having people understand, even if you can barely get the words out.

Sometimes it is really hard to say the things that we need to say. It is hard because the longer we wait, the more afraid we become we will be rejected or judged. But good friends don’t judge or reject us, they love us regardless. And often, they understand. Even when we can’t say the words. And they are there for us. These are the friends that truly matter.

#34. Soccer

I played soccer for 15 years. I probably would have played longer, but have significantly injured myself twice making it rather difficult. Regardless, I love it. I have been through a lot with the sport, times of resentment and even hate. But I think that those were really my issues. Now I love to see the children playing at the park by my house. It makes me so happy to see the joy it brings to them. And I really miss it.

#35. Seeing an airplane fly above you, and thinking about all the people on board and where they are going. If they are going home, if they are moving, or going on a trip? Thinking about their lives…And their travels…

#36. The Smell of Books

It makes me so happy! I love actual, physical books. I HATE kindles and nooks or whatever. I will not get one till forced (hopefully never). It just isn’t the same.


#37. Used Books/ Used Bookstore

I think that there is something extra special about used books. They have lived. There was life before you, I don’t know maybe I’m crazy. But I always think about the person who had my used book before me. What they were thinking when they read the same words as me, how they felt. There is something really raw about reading a book…At least for me. I feel connected with the person who had it before me. This is probably why I also love the library. I also love finding bookmarks, little pieces of paper, or notes in old books. it is just an amazing feeling. The more worn the book, the better loved it is.

#38. Bookshelves

Someday, I will have bookshelves. I mean bookshelves. Walls of them. Someday 🙂

#39. Receiving a package

#40. Sending Snail Mail