nice to meet you :)

Hey! My name is paige. i am 22 years old and i can pretty much guarantee that at almost anytime while wasting time writing this blog, should be studying.

i just graduated! (yay! i have a bachelors degree!) and will start my masters next semester. i also love to be creative and paint- check out my other ‘arty’ blog here if you are interested 🙂

i decided to take the plunge and start a blog just for me and my annoying ramblings. i have outgrown my previous musingsofabenefitscoordinator blog, primarily because i am no longer a benefits coordinator…and that blog was set up for an entirely different purpose. this one is simply just me…I don’t really know what this blog will be yet, i guess i will find out at some point 🙂

about me:

i love trees

i love sunflowers

i love color and art

i love to paint and draw

i love to read

i love the visual and aesthetically appealing


i hate the weird skin behind the back of people’s ears.

i hate liars.

i hate being fake.

i hate doing things because you ‘have’ to not because you want to.

i hate feeling stupid.

i hate the feeling of losing control.


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