needy and self-indulgent

So I have become increasingly aware that blog has begun to revolve around one very needy, self-indulgent subject: love.

And though it probably doesn’t seem like it, I am usually a very independent person. Before recently I have never been obsessed with relationships or boys. Honestly, I didn’t think I would ever find anyone that I really loved…

But here I am. Making terrible decisions, trying to logically convince myself to not feel the things that I feel, and having feelings that I wish I didn’t have. And becoming the type of girl that I really don’t like. Whining about boys all the time (at least in my blog, I am surprisingly normal in real life).

So, I have made myself a pact. I will limit my posts on the mushy stuff…..which basically means I will try to post about other stuff too 🙂

And I am going to start painting again. maybe if i keep saying it, it will actually happen.


the exception

you are two people…

the man i know you to be and the man whose actions tell me differently

the man i hope you to be and the man who i know you are

the man that i thought i knew and the man that i don’t know at all

my best friend and the one who causes all of my pain

the one i could tell anything to and the one who holds it against me

the man that i love and the man that i hate

the man that i love and the man that i love