the act we act

someone sent me the song, the act we act by sugar, and told me it reminded him of “us”.!/s/The+Act+We+Act/3eorcM?src=5

and the lyrics

First of all…

I hate the term ‘us’ it just annoys me. not to say that i have never used the word. and all the nonsense it brings with it. I have even use it completely inappropriately. you know to describe two separate entities (…me and this guy…yes the same one who referenced us and the song…) but the thing is, there is no us.

for some reason this word has an unknown power and tends to mean way more than any two letter word should. you have to be really careful with this word.

anyways, to the point. this sentence would have been a lot less threatening without this ‘us’ word. it freaks me out. especially that there is a song describing it.

i really dont want to get into it, but obviously from his reference we have a pretty complicated relationship.


this is a pretty amazing song. very complicated. and sad.


what does this mean?


why do i care what it means? and worse why am i obsessing over what it means to him. and why he said it?


when did i become ‘that girl’


this post has been sitting in my drafts for a week. and i am still obsessing over it.


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