not good enough

with a brand new blog i am terrified to ruin it. nothing i can think of writing seems good enough. it is kind of strange. i actually have several posts written for my other blog, but now that i ‘finished’ it and on a whim wrote my last entry, i feel like i shouldn’t post them there. and then i dont want to put them here because this blog is brand new, and could easily be tainted. no thank you.

so what is ok to write about? will anything be good enough? i think i am limiting myself. one of my posts is really just too negative. i dont want to spread that around, let alone set the tone here of that nonsene.

am i the only one who feels like this? when starting a new blog, that each and every entry (especially the first one) will define the entire context of the blog. it is actually kind of a bad feeling. it is kinda funny that i wrote anything and everything in my old, very narrow blog, and decided i needed a new one to face the blogging world on my own, as a person by myself, only to find myself limited by my own thoughts and fears. Apparently, it is much more difficult to write as yourself than hidden behind something more anonymous.

so…what to write?

cheers 🙂 paige



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